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Corporate Venture Capital Foundation

Build a winning corporate investment arm.


A robust corporate investment arm with a clearly defined mandate and strategy, streamlined processes for deal execution and scaling, alignment of investment activities with corporate strategy, and identification of lucrative investment areas.

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Spyre offers comprehensive support across the entire corporate venturing spectrum, from defining the mandate and strategy to process setup, deal execution, and scaling activities. With our deep industry understanding and extensive network, we assist clients in identifying lucrative investment areas while ensuring alignment with their corporate strategy. Leveraging our proven toolkit and expertise, we help organizations establish a strong foundation for their corporate investment arm.

Example of possible application

A large mining company, partly governmental, aims to create a digital investment arm. With Spyre's guidance, they define their investment mandate and strategy, set up processes for deal execution, and scale their activities. They successfully identify and invest in lucrative digital areas aligned with their corporate strategy, driving growth and innovation.

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