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Everything you need to know in order to focus on the right things when promoting innovation and technology deployment in your organization.


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What you'll learn

Understand the keys to successful corporate innovation​

Have the tools to formulate an effective value proposition for innovative ventures​

Have the basic knowledge to construct an effective innovation process and handle internal objections​

​Understand the underlying principles for successful open innovation in the form of cutting-edge technology deployment


Who this course is for:

If you are an executive, who wishes to promote innovation either internally or based on external technology, then this training will give you the principles you should demand from your team in order  to achieve that. If you are an innovation professional who would like to benefit from the experience of those who have come before you then this training will give you the basic map that you can follow to success. If you’re simply passionate about innovation in the workplace then this training will give you a basic understanding of how to get more innovation done successfully.


In this course you will be introduced to the basic principles of successful corporate innovation both in the form of organically grown solutions and the deployment of startup technologies into products, services and operations. By the end of this course you will be able to assess your organization’s current state and have the right focus on what action to take in order to elevate your organization’s innovation capabilities to a higher level.

Following are the main topics that will be covered:​​

  • What is corporate innovation? What is an innovative venture?

  • The main reasons that corporate innovation is difficult to execute successfully.

  • The keys to successful corporate innovation.

  • How to build a cost-effective innovation process with clear stages and gate conditions while at the same time maintaining a high level of flexibility to accommodate an entrepreneurial approach to innovation.

  • Handling internal objections to systematic innovation efforts.

  • The corporate venture canvas - A tool for the formulation and validation of innovative corporate ventures.

  • Examples and case studies of effective value propositions of ventures within organizations.

  • How startup technology deployment in corporations for the purpose of affecting products, services and operations is done properly and the strong similarity to internal innovation ventures. How applying the same tools to both can generate prolific, sustainable results.

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