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The Innovation GPS

A tool for innovators to get a customized evaluation of your organization’s innovation landscape. It will help you to understand your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and take actionable steps to elevate your ability to innovate and deploy technology.

Ready to transform your organization's approach to innovation?

Take the FREE evaluation today and receive personalized insights and actions to enhance your innovation ecosystem!

How It Works


Actionable Insights:
Along with your report, receive specific, actionable steps to enhance your innovation capabilities and drive success.

Receive Your Customized Report:

Get an in-depth, visual report highlighting your innovation proficiency across various dimensions.

Take the FREE Evaluation:
Fill out a brief questionnaire crafted to understand your innovation structure, strategies, and challenges.

Welcome to Spyre’s innovation GPS self-evaluation questionnaire. These questions have proven themselves to be a great tool for assessing the state of innovation activities within organizations. All you have to do is answer the following 9 questions. Good luck!

Block 1: Purpose

1. Decision-makers (senior managers with access to budget and resources and the authority to allocate them) in your organizations are familiar with ongoing innovative ventures and startup technology deployments that may contribute to their strategy plans

2. Goals.There’s expectation from senior management that startup technology deployment and innovative ventures will impact strategic KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

3. Success criteria. Startup technology deployments and innovative ventures are measured in part based on progress-oriented KPI’s such as proposed pilots, approved pilots, completed pilots, etc.

Block 2: Go-ahead

1. Entrepreneurs. In your estimation, how many employees in your organization served as leaders of startup deployment projects and innovative ventures over the last 12 months?

2. Enablers & managers. In your estimation, how many employees in your organization contributed from their expertise (not as project leaders) to startup deployment projects and innovative ventures over the last 12 months?

3. Resources. There’s a clear policy of allocating employee work time for the purpose of startup deployment projects and innovation ventures

Block 3: Scale

1. Process. Startup deployment projects and innovative ventures are managed using tools and methods that are based in entrepreneurial practices as opposed to standard project management practices

2. Tools. The organization has online tools that allow the processing of new innovation ideas and startup related opportunities and making selections effectively

3. Community. Employee contribution to innovation activities is reflected both in an extrinsic reward mechanism and in organizational measurement and compensation mechanisms (goal setting, criteria for promotion, manager evaluation)

Answer all the questions first..

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