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Uniting Israeli Innovation with European Enterprise

The mission is twofold: to support Israeli startups seeking to expand into European markets, and to ensure the success of European enterprises in deploying cutting-edge startup technologies.


For Israeli Startups

We provide expert mentorship to help navigate the deployment process, along with assistance in adapting your innovations to meet specific organizational needs. Our aim is to create an environment where your pilot projects can thrive, enabling you to confidently expand and grow in new markets.


For European Enterprises 

We bring the cutting-edge innovation of Israeli technology right to your doorstep. Spyre Nexus program serves as your gateway to integrating advanced solutions into your existing operations, thereby giving you a competitive edge in your industry.

We are technology deployment experts, with a track record of achieving a two- to ten-fold improvement in the success rate of organizations deploying startup technologies. These technologies significantly impact their products, services, and operations. Our 'secret sauce' comprises a set of tools and techniques we've developed to drive your success, honed through guiding hundreds of corporate-startup matches over the years. This expertise is imparted in just a handful of sessions, where we guide you in the practical application of these tools.

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