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Empowering Unilever’s digital transformation and sustainable innovation journey

“Spyer's familiarity with the entrepreneurial ecosystem has allowed us to reach a wider audience and create amazing opportunities. Spyre's team has been a real partner in the process and work hard to understand our needs and mindset.”

Yael Brandt
Digital Transformation

Unilever, a multinational consumer goods company, partnered with Spyre Group to achieve three key objectives: client digitalization, research and development for sustainable materials, and sales and operations optimization. With a diverse portfolio of brands and a global presence, Unilever aimed to enhance customer engagement, drive sustainability initiatives, and improve the efficiency of their sales and operations departments.

Client: Unilever

Industry: Consumer Goods  

Project Goal: Client Digitalization, Research and Development for Sustainable Materials, Sales and Operations Optimization

Spyre Services: Scouting for New Technologies

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Client Digitalization: Increase customer engagement by focusing on digital marketing efforts to enhance the relationship between the customer and the organization.


Research and Development: Drive innovations and breakthroughs in sustainable materials to reduce plastic usage and promote a circular economy.


Sales and Operations Optimization: Synchronize the sales and operations departments to ensure product availability and efficient order fulfillment.



The project involved an extensive scouting process to identify innovative technological solutions that aligned with Unilever's three objectives. The following steps were taken:


Challenge Identification: Unilever defined the challenges in client digitalization, research and development, and sales and operations optimization. These challenges formed the basis for the scouting process.

Scouting Process: Spyre Group leveraged their expertise and network within the entrepreneurial ecosystem to identify potential solutions. A rigorous screening process was conducted, resulting in the collection of 70 potential solutions that addressed the identified challenges.

Final Screening: The 70 potential solutions were thoroughly evaluated based on technological maturity and business viability. Fifteen solutions emerged as the most suitable options to address Unilever's objectives.

Solution Presentation: The 15 selected solutions were presented to a group of Unilever managers representing various relevant business units. These managers engaged in in-depth discussions and inspections to assess the compatibility of the solutions with Unilever's needs.

Solution Selection: Following the evaluation process, ten startups were chosen to proceed with further development and collaboration opportunities with Unilever. These startups demonstrated strong potential to contribute to Unilever's digitalization, sustainability, and operational goals.



The collaboration between Unilever and Spyre Group yielded the following outcomes:

Digital Transformation: Unilever gained insights and access to innovative digital marketing solutions, enabling them to enhance customer engagement and optimize their marketing efforts.

Sustainable Materials Innovations: Through the project, Unilever identified sustainable materials solutions that had the potential to reduce plastic usage and support the circular economy. These solutions aligned with Unilever's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Sales and Operations Optimization: The synchronization of sales and operations departments resulted in improved efficiency, ensuring that products were available and delivered promptly to customers.

Unilever's partnership with Spyre Group enabled them to leverage the entrepreneurial ecosystem and identify innovative solutions that addressed their specific challenges. Through a collaborative approach and thorough evaluation, Unilever selected startups that demonstrated the potential to drive digitalization, sustainability, and operational excellence within the organization. The project showcased the value of integrating external expertise and entrepreneurial innovation to achieve strategic objectives.

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