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Creating Effective Partnerships between Vodafone and Startups in the Telecom Industry

The collaboration between Vodafone and Spyre Group exemplified the successful creation of effective partnerships with startups in the telecom industry. By leveraging the entrepreneurial ecosystem and implementing a systematic approach, Vodafone achieved its goals of fostering innovation, selecting promising startups, and establishing impactful partnerships that drive digital transformation within the organization.

Vodafone Group, a leading global telecom and technology services company, aimed to build a network of connections within the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem. The objective was to establish effective partnerships with startups in various fields such as Customer Effort Score, Continuous Delivery, Leveraging Big Data, and more. To achieve this, Vodafone sought to develop an organized and methodological system that would lead to meaningful outcomes in terms of the number and selection of partnerships during the pilot phase.

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Client: Vodafone Group 

Industry: Telecommunications and Technology Services 

Project Goal: Establish connections with startups and create impactful partnerships

Spyre Services: Scouting for new technologies, Innovation Technology Deployment Program 

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Network and Partnership Building: Create connections with startups in the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

Methodological Approach: Implement a systematic and methodological approach to identify and select startups for potential partnerships.

Impactful Outcomes: Aim for successful pilot phase collaborations with a focus on quality and potential for fruitful long-term partnerships.



Vodafone collaborated with Spyre Group to design and execute a program that would facilitate effective partnerships with startups. The following steps were taken:


Connection Building: Vodafone established relationships with various players within the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem, including startups and relevant industry stakeholders. These connections served as a foundation for potential collaborations.

Startup Selection Process: A systematic and methodological approach was implemented to identify startups that aligned with Vodafone's strategic focus areas. This process involved thorough evaluation based on criteria such as innovation potential, market fit, scalability, and the likelihood of successful partnerships.

Pilot Phase Selection: Vodafone initially aimed to select a minimum of three startups for the pilot phase. However, due to the exceptional quality and potential of the initiatives presented, Vodafone expanded its selection to no less than five ventures. This decision reflected the commitment to nurturing impactful partnerships.

Ongoing Accelerator Programs: To continue fostering collaborations and maintaining momentum, Vodafone initiated an additional similar accelerator program. This program aimed to attract and identify startups for potential partnerships and further accelerate innovation within the telecom industry.

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The collaboration between Vodafone and Spyre Group resulted in the following outcomes

Effective Partnerships: Vodafone successfully established meaningful partnerships with selected startups in the telecom industry. The focus on quality and potential for long-term collaboration ensured impactful outcomes for both Vodafone and the startup partners.

Pilot Phase Collaborations: Out of the selected startups, all five ventures completed their experiments, demonstrating their potential and compatibility with Vodafone's objectives. Currently, three of these startups are progressing through the pilot phase, indicating the success of the initial selection process.

Ongoing Accelerator Program: Vodafone's commitment to fostering innovation and partnerships is evident through the initiation of an additional accelerator program. This program aims to attract and identify startups for future collaborations, ensuring a continuous flow of innovative ideas and potential partnerships.

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