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Israeli Startups' Success Stories in Entering European Markets

Israel's vibrant startup ecosystem, known as the "Startup Nation," has been a breeding ground for innovative companies. These startups have not only made significant strides in their home country but also successfully penetrated European markets, showcasing their adaptability, innovation, and business acumen. Here are some real-life success stories of Israeli startups that have made their mark in Europe.

1. WIX: Revolutionizing Web Development is a standout example of an Israeli startup that has made waves internationally. Launched in 2006, Wix simplified web development, allowing users with no coding skills to create stunning websites. The company's IPO on the NASDAQ in 2013 was a landmark moment, and since then, Wix has expanded its presence across Europe. Its user-friendly platform and robust features have made it a popular choice among European small businesses and entrepreneurs.


2. Mobileye: Pioneering Autonomous Driving Technology


Mobileye, an Israeli tech company specializing in driver-assistance systems, is another success story. The company's advanced collision avoidance technology has been widely adopted by European car manufacturers. In 2017, Mobileye was acquired by Intel for a staggering $15.3 billion, the largest acquisition of an Israeli tech company to date. This acquisition not only highlighted Mobileye's innovative prowess but also its significant impact on the European automotive industry.

3. Playtika: Transforming Online Gaming


Playtika, founded in 2010, quickly became a global leader in the online gaming sector. Its strategy of acquiring and revitalizing existing games proved successful in Europe, where the digital gaming market is burgeoning. Playtika's growth was so impressive that in 2016, a consortium of Chinese investors acquired the company for $4.4 billion, recognizing its global potential and innovative gaming technologies.

4. Gett: Redefining Urban Mobility

Gett is an on-demand mobility company that has successfully expanded into the European market. Founded in 2010, Gett's app allows users to book rides, delivery services, and even professional services. The startup found a lucrative market in Europe, particularly in cities like London, where its services complemented the existing transportation infrastructure. Gett's success in Europe is a testament to its adaptable business model and deep understanding of urban mobility needs.

5. Fiverr: Empowering the Gig Economy


Fiverr started as a small Israeli startup in 2010 and has since transformed into a global online marketplace for freelance services. Its unique model of offering services starting at five dollars resonated with the European market, where freelancers and entrepreneurs were looking for flexible, cost-effective solutions. Fiverr's platform democratized freelance work, making it accessible and affordable, and its European expansion significantly contributed to its global growth.

6. Lemonade: Disrupting Traditional Insurance

Lemonade, an AI-driven insurance startup, entered the European market with a bang. Its unique business model, which uses artificial intelligence and behavioral economics, appealed to the tech-savvy European audience. Starting with Germany in 2019, Lemonade expanded its presence in Europe, disrupting the traditional insurance industry with its customer-friendly policies and innovative use of technology.


These success stories of Israeli startups in Europe highlight the dynamic and innovative spirit of Israel's entrepreneurial scene. From web development and gaming to transportation and insurance, Israeli startups have not only successfully entered European markets but have also often redefined the industries they've joined. Their journey serves as an inspiration for startups worldwide and a testament to the potential of cross-border innovation and collaboration.

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